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International scientific-practical conference «Modern postgraduate education: traditions and innovations»



Dear colleagues!


in the annual International scientific-practical conference
«Modern postgraduate education: traditions and innovations»
November 22, 2013
Institute of retraining and professional development of


1. Marketing of postgraduate pedagogical education.
2. Organisation of postgraduate education and project management.
3. Quality and standardization in graduate education.
4. Actual problems of international postgraduate education.

Official languages: Russian, English
Participation form: a presentation, a report, a poster presentation.

The plan of actions:
9.00 - 10.00 - registration;
10.00 - 13.00 - plenary session;
13.00 - 13.40 coffee break;

13.40 - 15.40 - sessions
15.50 - 16.20 - round table
16.30 - 18.00 - excursion
18.00 - departure.

Address: 9Pirogova  st., Kiev

Institute of retraining and improvement of qualification

Materials for printing and applications for participation are accepted till November 10, 2013

Address for applications, abstracts of the report, the disc sending:

9 Pirogova  st., Kiev, 01601, Institute of retraining and improvement of qualification


Basic information

Theses of reports in volume up to four pages A4 format in text editor Word, font Times New Roman, size 14 with 1.5 spacing. All fields are equal to 20 mm, 10 mm indentation

Language of abstracts of choice: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

The order of the material are the following: title of the report - bold capital letters symmetrically to the text. Top left through 1 interval code UDC (bold), bottom left, 1.5 interval initials and surnames and the scientific degree of the author (bold, italic). Below, under the names, 1,5 interval - country and full name of organization (bold, italic).

Abstract and key words in the Ukrainian language are placed after the title of the article before the entry; in Russian and English - in the end of theses, after the list of references.

References in the text are made in square brackets. List of references is compiled in the order of referring in the text, printed after the main text under the title «Literature». Manuscript material reports should be carefully edited, because the materials of the conference will be published without further editing. For the content of the text are the responsibility of the authors.

Materials submitted with violation of the above requirements will not be considered. On the recommendation of the program Committee reports that meet the requirements of VAK (extract from the Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 15.01.2003, № 7-05/1), will be published in the scientific journal «Collection of scientific papers of the National pedagogical Dragomanov University».

All the materials shall be submitted on a CD-RW, and printed on paper of A4 format and sent in an envelope, A4 format.

Cost per page - 15 UAH.

For postgraduate students is obligatory presence of the certified review of the scientific supervisor (if the supervisor is co-author of the publication, the review is not required).

Materials not prepared in accordance with the requirements and submitted after the specified term, the organizing Committee will not be considered.

On a separate page of the attached information about the author: surname, name, patronymic, rank, scientific degree, position, place of work, address, telephone, Fax, email address, subject of the speech, the chosen direction, the necessary technical means, the need in a hostel or a hotel.

Application for participation

the International scientific-practical conference

«Modern post-graduate education: traditions and innovations»

Surname, name

Scientific degree
Place of work (study), please indicate the full name of educational institution
Address (e-mail)
Contact phones
The title of the report
Terms of participation (full-time, correspondence)

Plan (underline):
- arrival and personal participation
- providing only the abstract

The need of using technical means (underline):
- the personal computer;
- multimedia projector;
- VCR.

Accommodation: our hostel, hotel (necessary to emphasize) 

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